Renata of the Volturi
about the blogette
Renata Volturi at your service... Wife of Santiago, Personal bodyguard to aro. The first shield of the vampire realm. Originally from a vampire friendly family in Malta. The volturi came and whisked me away, and now here I am.

If I was I dude… this would be me… Ren. HAHA.
I can’t keep my own hands off of @SantiagoVoIturi… {Addicted}
Please get your hands on my neck.. @SantiagoVoIturi
{Gets on top of @SantiagoVoIturi}
@SantiagoVoIturi should leave me like this for a whole day.
@SantiagoVoIturi and I fitting together…
@SantiagoVoIturi Every morning before you head off to work..